[APP] [2.3 and EXTSD 5/13/2011] Disable Media Scanning on Boot & Scan Media on Demand

Rescan Media ROOT
I noticed a large number of Android users wanted to STOP/DISABLE
the media scan at every boot, but still retain the ability to
Scan Media Files on demand.
My app allows just that.

The app works by killing/disabling/stopping the media scanner process at boot silently. This saves the total time till the phone is usable by about 20-30 seconds on some devices!

The new v2.3 app works on all android devices!! It even works with internal and external sd cards!

You need to have USB Debugging on. USB debugging,


Does this app affect my ringtones/songs/apps?
This app cannot harm your phone at all and all your apps/ringtones/songs/* remain unaffected and everything can be undone. There are some rare ROMs that seem to have some issues with the app like ringtones not showing up.
You can fix this by going to Step X in the issues sub-section of this post.

So many versions which one to use for my device?
Everyone can use Rescan Media 2.3.apk
The older versions are there just in case someone needs them.

Why the new interface in v2.2??
People did not like an app that looked messy but functioned well.
The interface is now completely overhauled.

How will I scan for new items if I have disabled the scanner from your app?
When you add new media and the system does not show a change, you can open my app and the scan will take place automatically.

I'm stuck and this is the first time I have opened the app ever.
If for the first time you open my app and the app hangs at any stage, you have to type the following commands either in a terminal or in a adb shell only ONCE EVER. The commands are available to copy/paste in the app itself if you don't want to type/misspell such a complicated command.


pm enable com.android.providers.media/com.android.providers.media.MediaScannerReceiver

Why do you need ROOT?
If you are afraid and ask why I need ROOT permission...

Android does not allow the user to start and stop mission critical services(or at least i believe so from my experimentation). Only ROOT is given such privileges.

My app does only the following two lines of shell code.
Try it if you want to in a terminal emulator or a adb shell, if your are skeptical .


pm disable com.android.providers.media/com.android.providers.media.MediaScannerReceiver

pm enable com.android.providers.media/com.android.providers.media.MediaScannerReceiver

How long should everything take?
The entire process should complete before you can count to 20 Mississippi.

Can i get the app on the market?
Yes you can.
Just search for "Aditya" without the quotes in the Android market. there are two versions. One for Rooted devices and one for Non Rooted devices.

What happens if I uninstall the app after I'm done with it? a.k.a. Step X
If you are done with my app and want to uninstall it or you are facing any issues want to get the phone back to normal, execute the following commands in a terminal emulator or adb shell


pm enable com.android.providers.media/com.android.providers.media.MediaScannerReceiver

Can I use the Non Rooted app in conjunction with the Rooted app?
Simply put No.
Once the media scanner is killed/stopped/disabled by the ROOT app, the non ROOT app will not be able to do anything.

Where can I find you?
If you have any more questions/suggestions/complaints/issues please don't hesitate to contact me here, or at my website or on my facebook. Search for "Aditya Talpade" on google and press I'm feeling lucky.

Humble Donation Request
I do not earn anything from the Android Market and create apps for the enrichment of the community and for the love of it.
If you enjoyed using this amazing app or any of my apps, please consider making a small donation

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Update 5/13/2011
My app works 100% with the external as well as the internal card now!!!
Get the latest 2.3 version form the market!
Everyone can now use the 2.3 version!

Android Market Link

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