[ROM][CWM][XWLPM][ICS][4.0.4] Fully Deodexed Stock Rom

Firmware info:
  • Base Firmware: I9100XWLPM (4.0.4)
  • Region: Europe
  • Country Russia
  • Carrier: Unbranded
  • Build Date: 05 July 2012
  • Modem: XXLQ6
  • Change List: 837163

  • Zipaligned,Deodexed
  • Simple to Root
  • BusyBox
  • Original XWLPM kernel

Download link:

mirrors are welcome :)

  1. Install a CWM recovery (Only if you don’t have it)
  2. Backup 
  3. Install it from recovery
  4. Reboot the device
  5. Enjoy!
Its a NO WIPE ROM, if you are in my previous XXLQ5 just flash direct but first be sure you use Siyha Kernel to install this ROM, if you are in GB or ICS 4.0.3 a Wipe data its need to ensure everything will work good
Don`t use stock CWM to wipe data !
Bug when use old ICS 4.03 kernel ? See here..
MORE ....
IF YOUR PHONE HAS brick when flash ROM XXLQ5
Check HERE, HERE and HERE. To find how to fix your phone :)
Good Luck
How to install it ? Read more at  Tutorial and FAQ 

Thanks :@ Sammobile @ Dsixda @Binh24 @ JesusFreke

Galaxy S3 MusicPlayer
VideoPlayer from Note with PopUp MiniPlayer
[XWLPM] Lidroid 15 toggles, CallRecorder, BigPic & NoIncreasingRing
more comming soon...

Some simple tips to save your battery life :
  1. Call *#9900# and disable Fast dormacy
  2. Deactivate Samsang apps on Applications menu
  3. Deactivate auto sync for accounts
  4. Deactivate GPS (and wifi gps)
  5. Deactivate auto backup of Gmail account
  6. Set wifi sleep policy to “when screen is off”
  7. Set brightness level to automatic
  8. Disable motion


  1. Hi binh24,
    After flashing this rom, the phone info always display as a frame on main screen like this picture (http://dl.xda-developers.com/attachdl/6eb4b192ebd6fa9ce701d5bc51fce6cb/5003a038/1/1/9/7/6/8/9/2012-07-14_23.35.04.jpg).
    This also happens with the leaked 4.0.4 rom I9100XXLQ5 and the stock one I9100XWLPM. any idea?
    btw, I love your DXLPB S3mods rom!

    1. no, friend. It is not about bricking phone, it is about the the frame displayed in the main screen. How to remove that frame.

    2. I can not see image ! What is frame displayed ?

    3. Here it is:

    4. It show all the time ? Did you full wipe before flash this ROM ?

    5. Yes, it is fixed on the screen (does not move with wallpaper). I do wipe fully data, catch. I also try to flash as second rom (with Siyahkernel)...all are same. The problem only applies for Samsung based 4.0.4 Rom (all 4.0.3 roms and 4.0.4 AOSP work just fine).
      btw: my phone was originally Korean version (M250S), I converted it to I9100 by flashing pit file

    6. This ROM for GT9100 ! Try to find and remove widgets relate to it :)

    7. Hi, I have the same problem. Mind telling how you fixed it? please reply back..

  2. im on rr v.26 with fluxi kernel
    whats the best way to flash this rom into my sgs2? :)

    1. Full wipe your phone and install this ROM ! cheer

  3. its the best rom ics 4.0.4 ever!!! ... the russian roms are the best !! more memory ..more fast ... !!!


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