[MOD][ICS][XPOSED] Tweakbox: no-flashing tweaks collection (1.3)(04.07.2012)

Credit to rovo89
Maybe you have read about project called "Xposed", maybe not. In short, it is a framework that can be used to create modifications without touching the APKs, which in turn means that nothing needs to be flashed and the modifications can be compatible with many different ROMs.

Here comes a collection of small to medium tweaks that make use of this framework. All in one app, with options to configure them individually.
The following tweaks are currently implemented:

  • Statusbar
    • Number of bars for signal strength indicator (Samsung only)
    • Background color. Looks weird actually because most apps aren't made for this.
    • Clock color
    • Toggle "switch input method" notification while typing text
  • CRT
    • CRT off effect
    • CRT on effect
    • CRT landscape detection
  • Battery
    • Levels for critical/low battery warning
    • Disable Samsung's "100% charged, unplug me now" notification
  • Phone
    • Vibrate on Call Wait
    • Increasing Ringer Volume
    • Call Recording
    • Built-in SIP
  • Miscellaneous
    • Don't turn on the screen when unplugging from USB/AC
    • Choose long HOME key behaviour (do nothing, classical/icon-only, new/thumbnails). Just sets a switch, the implementation has to exist in the ROM.
    • Skip tracks with a long press on the volume up/down key, ported from here (only when screen is off)
  • Experimental
    • Fake 240 DPI for Play Store
The colors can be picked with an extended version of the color picker made by attenzione@GitHub. This gives you the chance to select any RGB color plus the transparency - steplessly!

1.0: Initial version [126 downloads]
1.1: Fixed signal strength bars, added color picker for status bar background color (replacing the list) and clock color (added in this version) [543 downloads]
1.2: Some intermediate release, only some betas published
1.3: Lots of new things:
- Toggle "switch input method" notification while typing text
- CRT off (no flickering)/CRT on/landscape awareness for SGS2 (tested) and SGS3 (waiting for your feedback). Also triggers the CRT effect if the ROM doesn't (should fix SGS3).
- Phone tweaks: Vibrate on Call Wait, Increasing Ringer Volume, Call Recording, Built-in SIP
- (experimental) Play Store fix for non-standard densities

Installation: See the first post in the Xposed framework thread. You need the framework AND the attached module.

Source code: at GitHub. If you have any tweaks you'd like to see implemented, let me know. Preferably, you have a guide how the tweak can be implemented in the "classical" way (by patching smali files and resources), that makes it much easier to port it to Xposed.

Credits to Tungstwenty for all the support and his many contributions, the CM9 project for the long press volume key mod, el_liberator for a hint about the statusbar color, attenzione for the color picker.

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