Download I9100XWLPM (4.0.4) Official ICS Firmwares for galaxy s2

 I9100XWLPM is official ICS 4.0.4 software update, this is the first ever released in Russia rather than the rest of Europe region. That's correct we currently check it out from Kies and its currently on there online. Yep you got it right! here comes the official ICS 4.0.4 or codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich software update for Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100.

The complete firmware build I9100XWLPM/I9100OXELP8/I9100XXLQ6/I9100XWLPM.
For those among of you who previously installed the leaked I9100XXLQ5 recently and having any issues occured like hard bricks and losing the serial numbers (mostly affected users from running custom ROM by using CWM and kernel), this could be the fix to solve your problem and revived your Galaxy S2.
For users currently runs with official Stock Firmware, this firmware is safer to install.
 I9100XWLPM Download
Base Firmware: I9100XWLPM (4.0.4)
Region: Europe
Country Russia
Carrier: Unbranded
Build Date: 05 July 2012
Modem: XXLQ6
Change List: 837163

remember NEVER wipe with this and with this ICS rom 4.0.4

De-Odexed & ODEXED XWLPM -Stock/Light 
by TugaPower
this ROM is based in latest Stock ROM from Samsung v 4.0.4 , just added ROOT + BusyBox and putt all in a CWM Package (NO WIPE ROM) (Light version also in Stock Kernel, if you are in XXLQ5 or XWLPM frist flash Siyah Kernel and only then flash My ROM)
Download Link ODEXED--- Link HERE
MD5 Hash --- 6668fdc4a4e6b2aaf566b990cc72b0c6

Download Link De-Odexed--- Link HERE
MD5 Hash --- f0883d6cf5fea552f2797072d927b396

Download Link Light De-Odexed---Link HERE
MD5 Hash --- a7a886f4c1a4e7a5427157c52da11e33

ADDONS (Frist flash Siyah Kernel and only then flash Updates to ROM, then flash Stock Kernel) I know, it sucks...
Stock Kernel XWLPM

MMS Smiles Themed --- Here
Stock Keyboard--- Remove Swype Here Keep Swype Here

MORE ....
IF YOUR PHONE HAS brick when flash ROM XXLQ5
Check HERE, HERE and HERE. To find how to fix your phone :)
Good Luck


  1. I falsh the I9100XWLPM 4.0.4 from .samfirmware and everything went well, the phone work very well, after that I try to flash cyanogenmod 9 with CWM, everything went well until I did restart and now the phone is dead, after the wipe data and cache. Now I will send to service center and I hope they will repair the phone under the warranty.

    1. Hello Stefan.
      The new Samsung ICS karnelt 4.0.4 ROMs were faulty.
      So-called brick bug. This error is, for example: I9100XXLQ5, I9100XWLPM etc. ...
      If you are installing to your phone in such a ROM. CWM mode and then install. Then CWM from installing anything, or you install PIT file with odin, or doing factory reset the new "4.0.4 ics" before installing, Then comes the brick bug. The "Brick bug" will kill the phone flash memory. burns out. it destroys the phone. you lucky if a "samsung" doing in guarantee. I'm sorry what happened with your phone.

      I'm sorry but I have bad English.
      But I hope I was understandable.
      Otherwise, I have also I9100.


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