[MOD] Google Play Store v3.5.19 + MOD

Google Play Store (Android Market) v3.5.19
Requirements: Android v2.2+
Overview: Play Anywhere, All your entertainment in one place, Google Play is your one-stop shop for all your favorite entertainment.


- Bug Fixes


Proceed with caution and at your own risk. I am no way to be held responsible for any loss of data or any damage to your phone as a result of you using this mod.
- Also note, that I have not modded this version of the Market, I am only sharing it with the community, therefore I will not be making any modifications to the mod such a DPI change or any updates if the mod stops working. Credits to L.D.B

NB: Google has control on the server side, therefore it is NOT possible to make a version that allows you to buy/download apps that are not available in your country. If the mod stops working then it means that Google have patched it on their Server Side!

Mod version features:
- Unlimited access to apps in Google Play Store
- Removed countries restriction in Google Play Store
- Fixed the issue which your device is not compatible with this item in Google Play Store


Using this Mod:
- You cannot download/buy apps that are not available in your country. You can only view them in Google Play Store.
- You cannot download Paid apps for free.

You can only replace the current market apk for the original non-modded version.
You will require ROOT if you want to install the Modded version!

Installation Guide

For non-modded version:

1) Download the apk from the links
2) Put the apk on the phone ,don't use adb install *.apk in won't work it will say it already exists
3) Open the apk from the phone using a File explorer (e.g. ES File Explorer/Root explorer)
4) it will ask you if you want to replace the current market,press yes.
5) Wait for install and voila you have the new market

NOTE:this method replaces the old market.
For Modded version:

1) ROOT is REQUIRED! If you haven't rooted you phone then shoot yourself already!
2) You will need to Download 'Root Explorer' and mount as 'R/W' or any file browser that can access /root folder if you don't already have it installed.
3) Go to '/system/app/' and backup the 'Vending.apk' (Gingerbread) or 'Phonesky.apk' (ICS) to your SD Card (leave the Vending.odex untouched!).
4) Check if you have either 'Vending.apk' or 'Phonesky.apk' and delete it.
5) Now, Move the modded apk that you have downloaded to '/system/app/' and rename it the same as your backup version.
6) Change the Permission to 'rw-r--r--'
7) NOW, Reboot your phone!
8) Finito!

If you have download problem after Installing new market do this

" Connect your phone to your computer,
set in usb mass storage mode. Look for
a hidden folder called ".android_ secure"
and then delete the file
"smdl2tmp1 .asec". Unmount and you
should be good to go."
Credits to L.D.B for making the Modded version!


Google Play Store v3.5.19

Google Play Store v3.5.19 MOD-Unsigned

Google Play Store v3.5.19 MOD-Signed

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