[MOD] TouchWiz 4 Launcher v2 - GB, CM7, ICS

Update v2

based on TouchWiz 4 Launcher from JW5
- TW Settings is completely integrated in the launcher
- added App Drawer Style options (4x2, 4x3, 4x4, 4x5)
- added backup & restore options
- fixed bug of settings not taken into account at boot
- optimized application tiles function to be like in tw3

GB version
only deodexed for now
- tested on JVU, JW4 and JW5

CM7 version
- tested on CM7.2 RC1

ICS version
- tested on CM9 20120508-NIGHTLY-galaxysmtd


Update v1.2

new features:
- integrated dock count directly in launcher
- application tiles in application drawer (drawn randomly for now)
- 3d rotation menu
- 3d icons in drawer (buggy when landscape is enabled, icons dissapear when switching orientation)


- DPI hack
- 5 icons dock

Update v1.1
-fixed dpi hack for portrait mode
- added TwLauncher Settings
-added option to choose if to move app icon to center in dock
- added option to choose how many icons will be in dock(you can only choose 2,3,4 or 5 other numbers have been disabled to avoid fc for setting wrong number)
- corrected dock icons position when using less than 5 icons
-added option to disable labels in dock
- added option to enable landscape
- added option to enable full screen in landscape mode
- added option to enable 32 bit windows, when disabled using default which is 16 bit
- fixed DPI in landscape mode
- enabled View Type in Menu: Customizable Grid, Alphabetical Grid and List View

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  1. I am trying to build my custom TW Launcher, but based on Nature Ux TW ICS, can you tell me how I can do for center app drawer icon? I only know how to change max home screens, columns and rows for home screen an drawer an some minor tweaks.



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