[TOOL] Updated! 19/05/13 - EFS Professional v2.0.35 - With Qualcomm NV Tools!

EFS Professional v2.0
Now with Qualcomm device support!

Advanced backup and restore of your device's sensitive partition and NV data!

  • Automatic detection and termination of SAMSUNG Kies application on startup.
  • Backup and restore partition images to and from compressed archives (*.tar.gz format).
  • Detects backup archives automatically on the device and PC for hassle free restoring.
  • Device filter support to allow displaying important partitions for various devices.
  • Extract and read device's PIT file to ensure efficient and accurate backup and restore operations.
  • Check MD5 hash during backup and restore operations to verify integrity of data written.
  • Option to Format EFS to wipe all data and recreate partition.
  • Qualcomm device support allowing many new features such as backup and restore of the FULL NV Item range.
  • Generate IMEI in reversed HEX format for Qualcomm repair operations.
  • Read and write IMEI to and from Qualcomm devices and QPST 'QCN Backup' files.
  • Read / write / send SPC (Service Programming Code) on Qualcomm devices.
  • Read / write Lock Code on Qualcomm devices.
  • Read ESN and MEID on Qualcomm devices.
  • Automatic detection and switching of USB settings when launching Qualcomm NV Tools.
  • Option to display various device, ROM and BusyBox related information at the click of a button.
  • Option to restore NV data from internal '*.bak' files if they exist to fix corrupt or incorrect IMEI number.
  • Option to repair NV data file ownership to fix 'Unknown baseband' and 'No signal' issues.
  • NV Backup and NV Restore options to utilise Samsung's built in 'reboot nvbackup' and 'reboot nvrestore' functions. (Intended for US device variants only).
Make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed on your PC.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

Download Link: 
EFS_Professional_2.0.35_Release (Dev-Host)

Changes / Improvements:
EFS Pro v2.0.35
1. Fixed a bug in the BuildPropertyParser that caused EFS Pro to crash on start up when a Galaxy S4 is connected.
2. Added device partition filter for Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505) Snapdragon variant for backup and restore operations.
3. Added a check and prompt on EFS Pro start up to allow time for users running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean to accept PC to device authorisation popup.
EFS Pro v2.0.33
1. Fixed a severe bug in Qualcomm NV Tools that prevented the IMEI being read from and written to QCN files.
2. Added 'Send SPC' option on device connection in Qualcomm NV Tools and 'Read Phone' option when checked will now read all fields in the Diagnostics tab.
3. Fixed other minor bugs in Qualcomm NV Tools.
4. Improved error detection in EFS Pro when checking a device on start up. You must ensure you have allowed your PC to communicate with your device when running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.
5. Fixed Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000) support and made some minor code improvements.
6. Fixed a few other bugs and improved overall application stability.
EFS Pro v2.0.26
1. Added a Launcher UI on startup so you can select between EFS Pro and Qualcomm NV Tools. This was implemented for US users who wish to use Qualcomm repair functions but were unable to access it due to EFS Pro crashing on startup.
2. Fixed a few other minor bugs.
EFS Pro v2.0.23
1. Fixed a critical issue which caused EFS Pro to crash on startup when a device was not connected and an emulator was present.
2. Added a filter to the ADB framework code to prevent any emulators from being added to the list of connected devices which avoids some major issues and null reference exceptions.
3. Added a check on startup to prompt and automatically terminate any existing adb processes running on the clients PC to improve application stability.
4. Rolled back source code to .NET Framework v4.0 from v4.5 due to incompatibility with Windows XP.
5. EFS Pro now once again supports 32bit and 64bit OS platforms.
EFS Pro v2.0.20
1. Fixed an issue where Perm Root failed to detect correctly with Rooted Kernels.
2. Fixed an issue where having Corsair Link Dashboard software installed caused a conflict with ADB causing EFS Pro to fail on startup.
3. Updated application source to .NET Framework 4.5 and recompiled in Visual Studio 2012 as a 32-bit application.
4. Fixed a few other minor bugs.
EFS Pro v2.0.17
1. Fixed an issue with the BuildPropertyParser where setting a property failed because of a bug with its root detection.
2. Fixed the manual USB switching feature on the Qualcomm tab caused by the BuildPropertyParser issue above.
3. Fixed the automatic USB switching feature on the Qualcomm tab failing to trigger when launching Qualcomm NV Tools.
4. Fixed an issue in the device partition filter parser that caused the partition list to populate with the missing BusyBox applet error.
5. Changed the startup sequence of EFS Professional. The application now loads instantly and initializes the ADB server and checks the device.
6. Removed toast notification popups.
EFS Pro v2.0.15
1. Fixed an issue that was introduced in the previous version that would exit the application if NO Root permissions were detected. Now only the Qualcomm tab will be available if the connected device does not have Root permissions.
2. Fixed a long standing bug in the ADB Framework's BuildPropertyParser that caused the device to be queried each time a build property was read. As a direct result, functions that involve reading build properties such as the Device Info function are now much quicker!
3. Changed the method of command execution of the NV Backup and NV Restore functions for US Device variants. Direct ADB command line options are now used instead of running the required commands through an ADB Shell. This was done to eliminate the Root permissions requirement that was needed for ADB Shell.
EFS Pro v2.0.14
1. Re-enabled Qualcomm device detection again. If the 'nv_data.bin' file is not present in the efs directory then its usually safe to assume its a Qualcomm device.
2. Added a Debug tab to help troubleshoot problems and crashes etc. To enable it, create a file with the text: 'enable_debug_mode' (without quotes) and save as 'efspro.cfg' in the same directory as the application executable then restart EFS Professional if you already have it running.
3. Changed the way Root permissions are detected. Root permissions are now only checked once when EFS Professional starts rather than when using each function.
4. Updated ADB to latest from Platform Tools R16.
5. A couple more bug fixes have been added.
EFS Pro v2.0.12
1. Removed auto detection of Qualcomm device due to unreliability. The Qualcomm tab is now permanently enabled.
2. Fixed some issues regarding error checking and multithreading.
EFS Pro v2.0.9
1. Total application re-write to implement a more efficient and accurate way of backup and restore operations.
2. Added: Qualcomm device support with a whole range of new features.
3. For full list of changes, see the Features list above.
4. This update has taken me 6 months in the making so if you like it then please make a contribution towards nappies for my little daughter as here in the UK, nappies aren't cheap!
Please note that backups made with older versions are not compatible with the new EFS Professional v2.0 update due to the new backup format used.
EFS Pro v1.12.6
1. Fixed: Broken Backup function on previous release has now been fixed.
2. Added: Independant Button to Format the '/efs' partition.
3. Improved: EFS Pro will now also reset '/efs' folder ownership and permissions during formatting.
4. Added: Auto detection of Partition File System type. EFS Pro will now mount '/efs' folder according to detected File System type during Restore.
5. Improved: Removed some code in places thats no longer required to help speed up overall performance.
EFS Pro v1.10.4
1. Improved: Error checking is much better with improved detection of null string entries.
2. Improved: Changed the code in the Wait For Device Dialog and improved error detection.
3. Fixed: A few bugs in the Function that writes output to the Log Window.
4. Improved: Made a few minor changes to the ADB Communication Framework.
5. Fixed: Kernel Info no longer relies on Busybox to gather the version information.
EFS Pro v1.9.12
1. Added: Wait For Device Dialog on application startup.
2. Improved: Changed the way EFS Pro scans for backups on start up to make it much more reliable and stable.
3. Improved: Device Info display in the Log Window is now split into categories and formatted to make it easier to read.
4. Improved: Made a few minor changes to the ADB Communication Framework to resolve yet a few more bugs and implemented some extra functions.
5. Fixed: An Issue that sometimes caused Null Reference Exceptions on certain devices.
6. Fixed: A few bugs in the Device Info function that caused some info to be missing or not displayed correctly in some situations.
7. Fixed: Other minor bug fixes and UI improvements.
EFS Pro v1.8.11
1. Improved: Better support for Root detection.
2. Improved: Device Info is now a lot more informative giving PDA, Baseband, CSC and Kernel info amongst others.
3. Improved: Made a few minor changes to the ADB Communication Framework to resolve a few bugs.
4. Improved: Overall stability has increased significantly.
EFS Pro v1.8.6
1. Improved: Nexus S / Galaxy Nexus Support for Backup, Restore and NV Repair.
2. Fixed: A bug with Nexus S / Galaxy Nexus Support that caused detection of the partition location to fail on some other devices.
EFS Pro v1.8.3
1. Fixed: Nexus S / Galaxy Nexus Support due to different 'efs' locations and partition layouts. Backup, Restore and NV Repair should now function correctly.
EFS Pro v1.7.14
1. Fixed: An issue where using ChainsDD Superuser and 'su' binary caused Backup and Restore functions to fail. Both SuperSU and Superuser are now fully supported.
EFS Pro v1.7.13
1. Fixed: Some BusyBox applet usage and detection issues.
EFS Pro v1.7.12
1. Removed: Device Profiles support as this is no longer required.
2. Added: Automatic '/efs' partition location detection making the Device Profiles feature redundant.
3. Fixed: An issue where not having an 'EFSProBackup' folder in the application directory would show a prompt that a scan for backups failed on PC Storage.
4. Fixed: An issue where the Thank You dialog would be displayed even after a failed operation.
5. Fixed: An issue where scanning the device for backups on startup would occasionally fail in some situations.
6. Added: Check for BusyBox Presence on the connected device. If BusyBox is not installed, EFS Pro will now exit on startup.
7. Fixed: A few other minor bugs.
EFS Pro v1.6.8
1. Added: Device Profiles to add support for many devices including future devices. Includes a default device list.
2. Added: Hashing Support to check the validity of a Partition Image Backup when backing up and after restore.
3. Lots of additional bug fixes and stability improvements.
4. Added: New ADB Communication Framework to handle communication between 'adb.exe' and the connected device a lot more effectively.
5. Added: Checking of Device Profile to determine if a Partition Location is valid or not.
6. Removed: 'Use Internal BusyBox' Option as this is no longer required.
7. Improved Overall performance of EFS Pro so operations are completed a lot quicker as the amount of code has also been reduced.
EFS Pro v1.4.7
1. Added: Attempt NV Recovery option to try and restore NV Data from '*.bak' files if they exist to fix corrupt or incorrect IMEI number.
2. Added: Repair NV Data option to repair NV Data file ownership to fix 'Unknown Baseband' and 'No Network / Signal'.
3. Additional Bug fixes and stability improvements.
EFS Pro v1.3.2
1. Added: EFS Pro can now use an internal version of BusyBox when performing Backup and Restore operations.
2. Fixed: A few minor bugs in the code.
3. Experimental: Since EFS Pro can use an internal BusyBox instead of the one on the device, only use this option if you experience hanging or freezing when performing backup and restore operations. This may or may not reslove the issue but increases compatibility with your device and EFS Pro.
EFS Pro v1.2.6
1. Added: EFS Pro now supports multithreading. UI should not lock up as much now.
2. Added: Device Info button to display devices info in the Log window at will.
3. Changed: Optimized and colour coded the Log and made it clearer to look at.
4. Added: Automatic detection and termination of the SAMSUNG Kies process.
5. Fixed a few bugs in several areas of the code.
EFS Pro v1.1.5
1. Fixed: A few bugs relating to Mass Storage Mode detection while using 'Restore EFS' function.
2. Fixed: An unhandled exception where EFS Pro would crash on startup under certain conditions. Exception is now handled and Debug info will be output to the Log window.
EFS Pro v1.1.4
1. Added: Mass Storage Mode detection during Backup scanning on application start, when Backing Up and when Restoring Backups. A prompt will be displayed if this occurs.
2. Added: BusyBox version will now be displayed on startup with ROM and Device info. Used for debugging.
3. Improved: EFS Backup and EFS Restore routine handling and optimized the code in several places.
EFS Pro v1.0.3
1. Fixed - An issue on some devices where the Backup list for Restoring Backups would not populate device Backups correctly.
2. Updated - ADB drivers updated to Latest (R8).
EFS Pro v1.0.2
1. Fixed - EFS Pro failed on Backup / Restore with message: 'No PERM ROOT Access'. This occured for CF-Root users mainly. Insecure Kernels are now fully supported.
EFS Pro v1.0.1
Initial Release.

Older versions:
EFS_Professional_2.0.15_Release (Dev-Host)
EFS_Professional_2.0.9_Release (Dev-Host)
EFS_Pro_1.12.6_Release (Dev-Host)
EFS_Pro_1.9.12_Release (Dev-Host)
EFS_Pro_1.8.11_Release (Dev-Host)
EFS_Pro_1.8.6_Release (Dev-Host)
EFS_Pro_1.7.13_Release.zip - (328.8 KB, 59 views)
EFS_Pro_1.4.7_Release.zip -(775.0 KB, 412 views)

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