Remove Picasa Web Albums From Android Gallery

Android phones have the capability of not only  showing what you have inside the memory card but also from your google picasa web albums, even your profile pictures google and facebook profile. This is done through sync feature of web accounts which is a very nice feature of android OS. You can synchronize much more accounts than google or facebook by navigating into Settings > Accounts and Sync in your android phone.

But for most of the users have complaints about showing their private photos on gallery app. This is quite frustrating where there you have blogger accounts and your uploaded images are shown up in your smart phone gallery. however the removal of these pictures from gallery is not direct but is related to account sync. Here's how to remove picasa web albums from gallery of your android smartphone.

To disable Web pictures from gallery:

1. On your android phone, goto Settings > Accounts and Sync settings > manage accounts.

2. This will show up the internet accounts that you've currently synching. Open your gmail account and uncheck Picasa web albums. you're done. 
3. After the media scan you'll notice that the picasa images are being removed from gallery.
Thats a problem right there!  While I dont have a tablet or Honeycomb, that definitely should not be happening.  So in your Settings - on the tab - in your Google Account you have unchecked Sync Picasa?  And you have no other application on the tab such as Picasa Tool?  or Just Pictures or anything that is set up with your account?  If not then theres something snazzy going on...

Heres a suggestion -- use a file manager (Explorer or any file manager) and go to 

/mnt/sdcard/Android/data/ and delete the whole "" file.  Dont worry about losing anything -- that is the cached build of all your media...local and non-local i.e. your Picasa.  Reboot the tab.  It will rebuild itself upon Runtime.  Does the Picasa stuff still show up?  Make sure everything is unchecked and theres no direct connection to your Picasa Web Album.

If that does not work -- go ahead and delete the whole /mnt/sdcard/Android/data folder -- thats mostly just cache stuff and you may lose some data but most of that stuff is synced.  Reboot.  If you are root - then go to your recovery and clear Dalvik.  It will rebuild upon starting runtime.

let us know what you try -- this is an interesting problem. We may have other ideas.. but thats what I would do first off...


Try the following steps it will work

1) Go to settings click on Accounts and Sync.
2) Uncheck Sync Picasa Web Albums.
3) Come back and click on Applications in the settings page.
4) Now click on Manage Applications.
5) In the manage application page click the Menu option ALL.
6)Scroll down you will find an option called gallery.
7) Click on the Gallery and clear data. Note: Don't worry your local data won't be deleted.
9) Thats it check your gallery now there wont be any Picasa web albums in your Gallery.


How to delete Synced Picasa Photos from Gallery in Android

Google Sync in Android works great. As soon as you enter your Google login credentials, you will have everything on Google services on your mobile. Almost everything including G mail, Contacts, Picasa photo albums, Bookmarks, Settings and Starred locations on map. Sometimes its really good to have all this but not always. Specially in the case of Picasa web albums. You don`t want to keep everything on Picasa to show up in your phone gallery. Well removing those photos is not a big deal and requires just two simple steps. Read on for details.

STEP 1 : Goto Settings >> Accounts and Sync and click on the Google account >> Then uncheck Picasa web albums

STEP 2 : Goto Settings >> Application manager >> All >> click on Gallery and then clear data

Thats it... You are done.

Watch the Video for steps


Don`t login to your account when first start phone - Or First time Flash Original FW
Turn off sync function And next, add your google account ! Or see this video

While in the gallery, tap the file button on the bottom left. Choose view by and select content on phone. It will only show the contents on phone, but if you get out of it and come back later, it defaults back and shows everything again until you do what I said again.

To figured out how to permanently default to show only what's in the phone:
Just make a blank file name: ".nomedia"
or download this file here and put to whatever folder you don`t want to show ( This will bypass media scan for android by default- It make your phone start faster

Hope this can help you !

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