[APP] 'ODEX ME': Odexing deodexed roms for a BOOST IN PERFORMANCE

Hello Galaxy Nexus Users!


Here is a simple apk to odex automatically, easily and securely deodexed roms.

This apk has been coded by the famous Paul Obrien from Modaco Roms and Forums.

This guy is just a genious.

The original apk has been done for Galaxy S II but it works on Galaxy Nexus (tested working). --> Original thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1215271

Paul is even using it in his own Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 Custom Rom here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1487056

But I tested the apk on other 4.0.3 deodexed roms that you can find in the development section of the Galaxy Nexus and it is working perfectly (Aokp odexed rom is wonderful...)

Odexing a deodexed rom is giving you a boost in smoothness (you can see it in the launcher or in scrolling through system apps), performance and battery.

It gives you the flexibility to have a custom rom with modified system, framework and design AND all the tweaks that come with a custom rom in addition to the performance of an odexed stock rom.

To use it:

1) make sure you have a custom rooted rom / kernel with init.d support (scripts must be able to run at boot: it is a folder in /system/etc). It is very important or it won't run pre-boot scripts... Thanks to open1your1eyes0 who remarked it.

2) make sure that you don't have transparent status bar before odexing or you will loose your bar after odexing... (for AOKP users for example). Thanks to frantic912 who noticed it.

3) simply put the apk in /system/app folder with a file browser like "Root Explorer" (the folder must be in RW mode to copy the file)

4) do a nandroid backup in cwm and / or titanium backup of all your apps (even the system ones like Gmail)

5) then go to the launcher

6) tap "Odex me"

7) follow the instructions

It will:

1) reboot your phone

2) odex all the system staying on a black screen or on the Google screen a bit longer than normally (but it's normal)

3) put a ".odex" file with each app in /system/app

4) reboot again

5) go back to home

--> You will then see your boost in smoothness!

For people who are not convinced: check that: http://android.stackexchange.com/que...-deodexed-roms

To see if it worked:

- Go to /system/app folder and see if there is a ".odex extension" for each system apk.

I attached the apk to this thread for ease of use.

File Type: apk com.modaco.odexme.apk - (189.6 KB, 785 views)

Write here your tests, opinions, questions, and thank Paul (and me for giving you this info ) for this wonderful and simple apk.

P.S. Please read reports from other users in the thread before trying the apk as some users seem to loose their status bar if they set transparency effects or some of them are having "force closes" if the rom they are using is too much themed...

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