[Q] "logo. jpg draw failed."

have flashed the ressurection Rom by westcrip (best ICS Rom ever :P) and installed the fixed LPH Kernel. When i start my Phone i cant see the "GT-i9100" and the triangle but a message with "logo. jpg draw failed."

I tried to reflash the ROM but nothing happened. I have also flashed back to Stock GB but the message isnt gone.

An error message 'logo.jpg' draw failed.

How to solve this bug : 3 methods
  1. Logo samsung 9100...zip flash from CWM... Stock-Samsung-Bootlogo.zip - (510.4 KB, 34 views) mirrors
  2. Factory wipe and flash stock rom again 
  3. New way by odin :
I have overcome my issue rite now.
a stock param.lfs file(a tar file that is) to flash through Odin in case you want to return to the stock bootscreen...I've tested it and it works.

1 . Download file SGSII stockparamLFS.tar mirrors
2 . Flash it using ODIN V1.85
3 . Select .tar file under PDA
4 . Push START button and ~5sec it will finish load the file into your phone.
5 . Reboot

now , you will get back your stock param.lfs file. and your triangle is gone.


  1. Odin method worked perfect...thank you sooooo much

  2. Does anyone have a solution to fix this on a Galaxy player? I have one that shows the same message, only turns on when plugged in, and worst of all my computer can't seem to install the drivers properly to reflash it back to stock rom. So my computer doesn't recognize it.

  3. You saved my life, Thank you !!!

  4. used all methods. still getting error.

  5. damm it works....although the screen is blank for sometime but the fone is working..!
    Thanks a Ton.!

  6. my samsung galaxy s2 is not switching on......
    when trying to charge it says "charging.jpg" draw failed.
    i dont know much about rebooting and all
    can any one help me from basics.. thanks

  7. You saved my life maaaaaaaaaaahhhnn........ i was screwed with this error while playing aroung changing my boot logo :O

  8. The first method is the easiest. It was extremely easy I must admit. I've been stuck with this "draw failed" message for a long time. Just downloaded it, moved to SDcard, flash via RECOVERY and WALLA, like new baby. Thanks a lot!

  9. Thank you very much for your help. param method worked like a charm!


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